Andrea was shy and silent when the party facilitator gathered all the kids for the party games and it was only the time to blow her candle that made her smile.

How to teach a 23 months old toddler to count and about colors in a fun and exciting way:

First open her favorite M & M mini chocolates and every time she’ll get from the plastic tube a single tiny color coated chocolate, before letting it go directly to her mouth, make her pause and stop and start introducing her what color of the mini-choco she’s holding.

Princess likes the color red the most and hurriedly munches on the M & M and opts for the second chocolate.

Then pour ten M & Ms’ on a plate and start teaching the basic of counting (one to ten) not bad for a toddler turning two…

Some activities to keep my toddler occupied and jealous-free from her new sibling:

**Make the most of your time together with her every time you are not nursing or taking care the new baby.

**Boost her pride and feeling of responsibility on being an older sister/ brother by including her in some of your activities while taking care of the new baby, like letting her throw the soiled diaper of her new sibling in the garbage, letting her take a diaper or anything she can manage that you need (baby powder, cotton balls, or a toy), let her sing and dance to annoy or entertain a wailing baby, in short always include her in whatever ways in a way she’ll feel her importance.

**Give her more assignments to do, like more coloring books to color.

** Let her do the tidying of her playing area every time she finishes playing.

**Read books to her and play with her.

**Watch with her favorite cartoon or a movie.

**She’ll be happier if you’re the one who’ll tuck her in during bed time or a nap than the nanny.

**Be a kid and go down to her level for sometime and this would include a blowing-some- bubbles time with your toddler.

**Play, read, hug, kiss and always

Hello, I’m your Toddler on the Block! See you later…

Your 23-Month-Old This Week

Your toddler can probably hum and sing songs such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? and make three-word sentences like “Dog run out.? She can probably follow a two-step request, like “Come here and turn around so I can comb your hair.? Many 23-month-olds love identifying opposites like tall man, short man, or big hot dog, little hot dog. But if your toddler isn’t doing all these things, don’t worry. Children learn to speak at different rates, and your child may still be working her way up to this stage.

Princess is on her way further up of her being a Neanderthal kid; she does a lot of:


Dancing her Hawaiian style with more on a butt work;

Her precision on throwing of objects on a certain goal is achieved;

Jabbers on lots of words but still most of them are unrecognizable;

Uses lots of gestures and facial expressions, and an addition to that is her tiger look when
she’s angry, and a twinkling eyes when super happy;

She’s more demanding and a new attitude of being bossy to her nanny;

The “only me? attitude occurred (she wants to be followed every time);

The let-me-do-it-alone behavior;

Happily annoys her Dad and Mom;

Uses shouting and crying as means to get what she wants;

Always run away from her nanny whenever she needs to have a diaper change;

Loves to throw food on the floor and laughs while her nanny picks every morsel of food;

Wants to carry her baby brother and plant thousand of kisses everyday;

Became a daddy’s girl;

Her best friend ever is Barney, second is Po from teletubbies;

Loves to eat cheese and chocolates;

Always on the phone and pretending that she’s having a conversation with her “mama? (grandmas’);

Puking is also one of her means to get her way with us;

Sings with mommy and daddy some kids songs and recites in her alien language some nursery rhymes;

Loves to read books, color, scribble objects and make lots of lines and tells mommy that it’s letter “a?;

Wants to carry and cuddle her baby brother;

Loves to eat ice cream.