April 2004

Now that princess is seven months old she learned lots of craps from faking a cry to ear-drum crashing shrieks, baby bouncing and tugging mom’s hair, spit-on-her-face session and as well as on mom and dad’s face, eating her fat momsy toe, and what more to come? It’s been nearly two weeks that she’s onto her wormlike inching away from her pool. Everytime that we put her inside her seemlike-haven she’ll start pushing herself out and land on the floor with her head first.

Until now she doesn’t know how to crawl. She’ll just keep herself on rolling back and forth in our bed whenwever i put her to sleep or dress her up. Seems that mom dimple is getting some difficulty in putting her dress on. princess is soo active and energetic.

She’s becoming more emotional too. she know’s now how to kiss mom and dad and give them her sweetest smile.


We have an indian neighbor Cyrus and Monica. They are very friendly and nice people with two toddlers one is 4 and a half that’s Shania and the other is 2 years and two months old, Sara. This little shania acts like a grown up lady, she’ll come to our house and ask for some make-up or nail polish. At first i was adamant to give her but then, what’s the big fuss with it, so i let her use my cosmetics. I’m amazed, it seems that she know where to put the right stuff on her face. in fairness, she did not turn herself to a clown, she’s really a big lady inside a body of a 4 year-old.

Aside from her being maarte she likes also to play with my little munchkin princess. She loves her like her true sister. Sometimes, she’ll tell me that our house is also her home. Aow sweet she is, for me she’s also my child. As time passed by it seems that our bond became like that of a true mother and daughter, everytime that she’ll see that our front door is open she’ll run to our home. I’m just afraid of the thought that one day Monica will get jealous and became angry with her daughter’s fancy for another momsy.

Everytime we’ll go outside, she’ll tell us if she can come with us. Even if she’s around in the house, she acts like it’s her house too. She’ll open cupboards to find something to eat and if she finds she’ll say, “Auntie can i have this please?? such a darling she knows how to ask permission first before she’ll take anything. And whenever my little princess becomes cranky she’ll play with her or recite some poems or nursery rhymes.

Last saturday we went to chursh at Parish center for the sunday mass, we brought her with us. She remained behave but at the middle of the mass she fell asleep. Nath was obliged to carry her til the mass ended. We felt that time that we have two kids one is snooring in deep slumber while princess was shouting at the top of her lungs. Wheeew what a day!


One more day and voila! princess will turn to her seventh month. what’s new with her is her too much agitation everytime she find something that amuses her. It’s her frenzied state that would turn you to a punching bag. That’s her new attitude, if she’s so happy she’ll box you and even if she’s angry she’ll do the same. worst is her shouting act, she knows where to strike, when she wants her “dodo puppy? or a toy she’ll shout at the top of her lungs.

This little tyrant knows her way much. She’s still a baby for theater 101 class, but dare not this little pumpkin she knows how to stage a fake cry. One moment she’s laughing and after just a second she’ll be shrieking and crying while laughing.

I can still remember when she was just a week old then, she was so cranky that time that almost all of us did not have a decent sleep. I was still weak from my 14 hours very tiring and hard labor and with all the aching stitches i still managed to help them, i am so thankful that my everloving parents were here to help us. We had that dark circles around our eyes and it’s like attending to 10 babies rather than one. eversince she was so demanding, she wants that you’ll be always with her all the time. after 3 months her sleeping schedule was stabilized. thanks heavens all of us was given a break.

In retrospect, all our hard labor were given back by her sweet smile after two weeks. With her toothless smile all my worries of her of not being okay were gone. Maybe, it was my part of the post partum stage. Sometimes, I got paranoid of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that every now and then i would check on my little angel if she’s breathing or not. I got affected of too much reading about pregnancy, caring of babies, and avoiding bad incidents for the baby.

As for daddy, he was so excited and happy with our dear princess sweet smile. how we wished that she’ll be always a happy and bubbly baby.

Maybe, her shouting behavior will just go away on its own. let her have some of her antics but not too much to let her be spoiled.

those words are still vivid in my mind, sometimes it echoes, reverberating over and over again, i’m asking myself what she wants to convey. princess was on her third month that time and we were in the kitchen, the favourite nook in the house, we’re having our breakfast, suddenly, princess the great started with her speech with all her might! “ging-ging-ging-gigng! yoko-yoko-yoko!!! aha! maybe, she’s angry or she’s happy. we didn’t mind what was really is, what we knew then is we’re so happy that our princess is saying something. one day, she got so angry and she’s saying yoko-yoko-yoko, now there it is, she means “no!? sometimes it is very hard to read between the lines of what she is saying or trying to say.

of course papsy and mamsy are very happy that their grandchild is already talking to them monotonously.

when she reached her 4th month she started calling me “mama?, how sweet! but the tone depends on her mood. if she want someting she’ll say it with a nice tone but if she’s angry she’ll say it with a loud shrieking voice. such a wonderful little bunny. so cute, yet so mischievous. so adorable and intelligent, that’s princess the menace!

our little indian toddler neighbor came to visit us with red and orange tomatoes in hand she started to open cupboards and when she finds some stuff which interest her she’ll play with it-that’s sara. she’s like a cherub,so fair her skin, very lean and has a beautiful face. she just turned two, two months ago. whenever hse’s here in the house she’ll act like princess real ate. if princess whines she’ll say in her tiny-tiny voice, “auntie, she needs her dodo puppy, ok i’’ give it to her? and there it goes she’ll start feeding princess with her bottle. she doesn’t sit and play in the playroom she’ll go around all the bedrooms and if she’ll find princess shoes she’ll say,?auntie, baby’s shoes…baby’s shoes, i put it…i put it? and she’ll manage to put shoes on my baby. so sweet how i wish that princess would be like her when she’ll have her siblings (shanaia lexia and sean linus).

i told sara that we’ll go to the playing room and watch also “book of pooh and his friends? and she willingly oblige. gave her black seedless grapes and she happilly munched on every piece of grapes. she told me, “auntie baby wants to eat, i give her?? she wants to feed princess with what she’s also eating, i told her that baby will get choke if you’ll feed her with grapes coz it’s only for big girls like sara. hmmmmnn, she said, “i’m a big girl, i’m a big girl!!!?

but my litle princess is on again with her old antics: pulling her playmates hair. sara doesn’t want to come near her again after my naugthy daughter pulled her hair. i told princess that if she’ll go on with her pulling-every-friends-hair antic then she’ll be having no playmate in our compound. like a good baby she stopped her bad habit. oh! how i wish she’s as big now as sara, can walk and talk endlessly.


3 araw na lang 8 months na si Princess and she’s behaving now as if alam na nya ang lahat. Very advanced na bata. Many times nag uusap kami ng Mommy nya “pano na kaya pag laki ng batang ito?; lots of challenges indeed ahead of us.

All the best Dimps! ;)

posted by Sandro

Yeah, that’s how round they were the time i saw her beautiful opened eyes. it’s her first day outside mom’s womb; out from the dark and warm place where she used to snuggle and suck her fingers for nine months.

Now she’s nearing her seventh month still her beautiful eyes are becoming rounder and rounder….soooo pretty! she can communicate well with her eyes; sometimes she’ll give you looks that say, “mom and dad, i want you to hug and kiss me.? and sometimes, the snarl looking face with the eyes so intent on you if you’ll not give her what she wants.

This little tyrant of ours can make us soo happy and contented with our lives. by just playing, giggling and caring her it brings us so much joy that sometimes we just want to stay in our home and cuddle each other.

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