May 2004

princess went to tu wen’s birthday. now he’s one year old, he’s our burmese friend. chinese restaurant is becoming “gas-gas? everytime that there’s a b-day party this place is the venue. why not other restaurants or hotels? nakialam ba sa may birthday!!!heheehheh anyways, chinese beijing restaurant is cheaper and you can have a lot of food and what i like is their “butche? it’s the best here in doha.

we saw the qafac families there. raymond is so big now, he’s the certified kuya to the babies and toddlers in the pinoy community. ebenezer also can walk and eat on his own. and tu wen can walk but his teeth just popped out last week.

princess has really a magic appeal on everybody, when we arrived she’s the center of attraction again in the crowd. there’s this beautiful half burmese and half danish girl she liked our munckin very much.
like other toddlers princess sat on the high chair and had also her chicken corn soup and ninong ely kept on bugging her.

on the way home we saw tita lutch and tito bob again we’re onto the same discussion on from whom princess got a lot more of her genes. one vote for dad nath as tita lutch really liked her to be the same face with her dada but, tito bob saw more …of course “pinagbiyak na bunga? kami ni princess…and the winner is momsy!!!


Before andrea has no inkling on sitting on my lap while we’re stucked for the traffic red light she will cry and do something that tells us that she doesn’t want to stop dada’s car , but now it seems that she adapted the “stop red sign? already. sometimes, it’s so funny that when i turn my gaze to the direction that she’s enjoying herself to i found a locale of course in his tradiotional thobe and a headress making faces with princess while the rest of his family were having a fun with it too. now, she found a way to make herself busy while “jero? is not running, gazing to other cars and drivers.

now she’ll have her full freedom with her new car seat. she can do whatever she wants while momsy is freed also from her heavy weight. it seems that she enjoyed

riding her new stroller (got a new one also she doesn’t want her old one, i think she’s not that comfortable with it no matter how grandma make her comfy with lots of pillows and blankets on it).

yesterday we gave her her test drive with it…whew! she liked it only that in carrefour one sales attendant gave her a bad day! she really want to carry andrea even i told her that she’ll cry she didn’t listen to me and what happened next baby munchkin cried and puked. and worst i just realized that her bumblebee and her bibs are not with us. i forgot it in babyshop after paying all the bills yep! we’re too occupied with the big boxes with us and forgot that i bought also some stuff and they’re in shopping bags.
and the best thing now is she has already her high chair. for sure, she’ll enjoy more her meals with momsy and dada

Party!! Party!!! Party!!! Now on the 2nd party in a row and tomorrow is another lunchdate what’s next another one? Oh my! This is the problem we’ve been trying to lose weights but we kept on attending parties. How we’ll be able to accomplish that goal? I think this is the time to go to gym or buy those pills that would shrink my body to its shape before i got pregnant.

While partying, Princess is enjoying also some foods but can’t escape some soup bowls from flying and her hands are busy trying to grab every stuff she saw especially FOOD! saw Raf-Raf there and she grabbed his toy and as well as his hair… Princess closely watches Denise while the kid burst to a riotic blast with her cry and shrieks coz she doesn’t want to see the Mcdo’s mascot, worst she puked!!!