Princess became a bullheaded baby!!! she’s on her ninth month now but seems that she’s a toddler already. new milestones? lots of it!!! waving her hands is one—as she learned from watching teletubbies in bbcprime. she liked this show especially when lal, pooh, dipsy and tinky winky said their “goodbyes? and also the giggles of a baby sun. wow! she likes to be with her teletubbies friends.

wanna something shiny??? this is also another tv show for kids and little munchkins wants to watch this too!!!

this time, she can walk two steps while holding on her crib and some furnitures. but, this little pumpkin is truly a menace!!! she cries too much if momsy or dada will not include her in any stuff they are doing especially computer works.this nine months baby loves to chat.