October 2004

It’s been quite a while that momsy forgot to write for Princess’s blog, and here i am making up for those busy days. Andrea, is a picture of a grown up toddler now, every now and then you’ll see her doing the grown up stuff, like helping mommy do some housework for one and giving unsolicited advices.

It’s her eagerness to be a big girl and acts as one that make us (me and her daddy) wonder how her intelligent brain sometimes works. She’s great in making verbal responses but still its in an understandable state of words, phrases and sentences. Sometimes she’ll say, “Mom?, or “mommiiieee? then what follows is “shhjjjlllbrrrrsst?. She’s fond of mimicking what ever sound she hears. Through her gestures you’ll be able to understand what she means by her “shbbrrtsshllrt?.

One day, they were in the bedroom with her dad, and daddy Nath hit the bed and went to sleep and just a few minutes he woke up he can hear Princess talking and giggling in front of the mirror with her towel on her head. Now, she’s into her “sister Andrea game? again.


She’s starting to write just simple objects and lines. Sometimes I told her to draw a flower for mommy, she’s like an artist with few and quick brush of her pen in her magic slate …voila! It turned to be a flower, or I was just imagining it is indeed a flower.

Mathematically, she’s counting with her hands pointing to her fingers and sometimes manages to say “three?. When we are in the road and stays in for a five-minute traffic or a stoplight we (Mommy says the counting) count all the cars nearby and she keeps on pointing her finger to every car in sight.

Her retention and word recognition is so powerful, Dad nath asked her, “Princess where’s your hair clip?? instinctively, she put her hand trying to get her hair clip from her hair. Words like, bird, she’ll say “bid? and if you’ll ask her to bring her shoes, gladly, she’ll do so. She understands words like “give to mommy? and “please get?.

Its so heart warming to have a baby (err…toddler) like our munchkin for she gives us so much joy and not to mention the every morning kiss for both of us (me and dad nath) and the warm and big hug. She’s a sweetie girl, if ever she’s munching on some food she’ll not forget to give you also and doesn’t want to take “No? ‘coz she’s going to put the food inside your mouth whether you like it or not. Such a naughty and sweet darling, take note, she likes to be swooshed and tossed to the air.

Hello from BabyCenter!

“Whether your toddler has been walking for months, is taking her first tentative steps, or is still happy just cruising from place to place, one thing’s for sure: She’s not about to slow down. With great delight, she’ll soon learn that walking upright frees her hands to unroll reams of toilet paper, knock glasses off coffee tables, and empty your bedside drawers. You may even notice her using a stick as a primitive tool to get at an out-of-reach toy. What to do now? Spend lots of time at the park, consider enrolling in a baby gymnastics class, and notch up your childproofing efforts so your toddler has plenty of space to explore without getting hurt.?

Well, our li’l munchkin started walking at 11 months and now her legs are unstopable she’ll go whatever great lengths it would be. whenever she sights a desirable object nobody will gonna stop her.

Dad Nat had been so busy these past few days, coming home almost for consecutive days very late and sometimes had to go for work during his day-off, and princess and mom have to stay at home and wait for him till he arrives; quite a sad scenario isn’t it? But what can we do, his boss got those cheap consultants to save bucks and till now they are still facing the same issues and problems in their work. Enough for that matters, anyway, dad still managed to play with our li’l darling and have cuddly time with mommy.

Last Friday, we were in Ponderosa and after a fattening dinner and gastronomically satisfying dishes; steaks, chicken b-b-ques, different kinds of salads, desserts (Poor Princess she just got a cone but without an ice cream!), etc…we went to Jarir Bookstore and did not find the book “The Purpose Driven Life? by Rick Warren; instead bought two books, one is on how to raise a Princess….heheheheh (laughs!) “The Happiest Toddler on the Block? by Harvey Karp, M.D and the other one is “Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul?.

We are faced now with new issues on how to raise a toddler! Princess is on her way to toddler hood and most of the time we have difficulty in keeping her behave and stop the daily battle of wills. Aside from being hard headed, most if the time, she refuses to follow what we want to do with her, simple things like taking her daily vitamins and worst scenario would happen if taking her medicines are involved.

She has grown to be a mini me. Every now and then she follows what I do and in almost all of her gestures, attitudes and facial expressions I can mirror myself on my 1 year and almost one month Andrea.

The other night she went upstairs (with me behind her) all alone, she managed to get to second floor with all those more than twenty steps without taking rest. Such a determined and strong girl, she became more sociable and friendly. Wherever we go, she always finds ways to be connected with other people, like when we went to Corniche for a walk she ended up playing with other Arabic kids there and letting those kids eat her bread by putting bread on their mouth.

We started our countdown for our upcoming vacation and we are so excited to be home again with our gift to our parents, Princess Andréa Lizette.