It’s been quite a while that momsy forgot to write for Princess’s blog, and here i am making up for those busy days. Andrea, is a picture of a grown up toddler now, every now and then you’ll see her doing the grown up stuff, like helping mommy do some housework for one and giving unsolicited advices.

It’s her eagerness to be a big girl and acts as one that make us (me and her daddy) wonder how her intelligent brain sometimes works. She’s great in making verbal responses but still its in an understandable state of words, phrases and sentences. Sometimes she’ll say, “Mom?, or “mommiiieee? then what follows is “shhjjjlllbrrrrsst?. She’s fond of mimicking what ever sound she hears. Through her gestures you’ll be able to understand what she means by her “shbbrrtsshllrt?.

One day, they were in the bedroom with her dad, and daddy Nath hit the bed and went to sleep and just a few minutes he woke up he can hear Princess talking and giggling in front of the mirror with her towel on her head. Now, she’s into her “sister Andrea game? again.