She’s starting to write just simple objects and lines. Sometimes I told her to draw a flower for mommy, she’s like an artist with few and quick brush of her pen in her magic slate …voila! It turned to be a flower, or I was just imagining it is indeed a flower.

Mathematically, she’s counting with her hands pointing to her fingers and sometimes manages to say “three?. When we are in the road and stays in for a five-minute traffic or a stoplight we (Mommy says the counting) count all the cars nearby and she keeps on pointing her finger to every car in sight.

Her retention and word recognition is so powerful, Dad nath asked her, “Princess where’s your hair clip?? instinctively, she put her hand trying to get her hair clip from her hair. Words like, bird, she’ll say “bid? and if you’ll ask her to bring her shoes, gladly, she’ll do so. She understands words like “give to mommy? and “please get?.

Its so heart warming to have a baby (err…toddler) like our munchkin for she gives us so much joy and not to mention the every morning kiss for both of us (me and dad nath) and the warm and big hug. She’s a sweetie girl, if ever she’s munching on some food she’ll not forget to give you also and doesn’t want to take “No? ‘coz she’s going to put the food inside your mouth whether you like it or not. Such a naughty and sweet darling, take note, she likes to be swooshed and tossed to the air.