Hello from BabyCenter!

“Whether your toddler has been walking for months, is taking her first tentative steps, or is still happy just cruising from place to place, one thing’s for sure: She’s not about to slow down. With great delight, she’ll soon learn that walking upright frees her hands to unroll reams of toilet paper, knock glasses off coffee tables, and empty your bedside drawers. You may even notice her using a stick as a primitive tool to get at an out-of-reach toy. What to do now? Spend lots of time at the park, consider enrolling in a baby gymnastics class, and notch up your childproofing efforts so your toddler has plenty of space to explore without getting hurt.?

Well, our li’l munchkin started walking at 11 months and now her legs are unstopable she’ll go whatever great lengths it would be. whenever she sights a desirable object nobody will gonna stop her.