April 2005

Our little munchkin enjoyed very much the weekend; last Thursday night we went to Amigos ( a bar with an English band) for dinner and Andrea was like a big girl enjoying her food and dancing near the stage ( as nobody was there yet…) but we left after three songs for minors are not allowed.

Poor Princess she wanted to go back there as she’s making some actions that she wants to dance; what we did was to take her Corniche and play near Orry (It is a big statue of a goat carrying a torch and has a big clock on top of the board for the counting of days of Asian Games) but sad to say all the parking lots were occupied and we had to scout a place but quite far from Orry.

Andrea walked, ran and greeted kids of different nationalities as she always wanted to play with kids.

As for the following day, Daddy Nath had to go to Intercon alone for Momsy did not want Princess to stay in the pool again and end up with some sunburn so off we went to City Center for wndow shopping. This mall is like a playing area for Andrea she did not stop for a second and kept on running away from me and visiting shops that are familiar to her especially with some Pinay sales staffs. And she never forgets to drop by near Sweet Factory and aske for some chocolate and candies and don’t forget the ballons in different shapes and characters of Disney. We ended up in a filipino-Italina resto: Florian Cafe and ordered for some mixed pancit and happily munched as we waited for Daddy Nath.

As for Saturday, we went back again to the mall for our groceries and Andrea enjoyed her lollipop and asked for more sweets. As we had our lunch we met some old friends and she started her show again: mimicking animal sounds and laughing out loud while covering her mouth with both hands. Andrea gave a blow also of her dancing prowess in the middle of the restaurant while the oldies are all laughing at her.

As we passed by Starbucks, she waved to two English ladies and got stucked to her giving-flying -kiss-to everyone she finds friendly. But mind you she’s tough too, while her Dad was paying the cashier for our groceries an Indian boy shouted at her and she faced him and angrily shouted at the boy back too! She’s really a grown up toddler!!!


Andrea enjoyed swimming with Dad Nath in the Intercon Hotel although at first she doesn’t want to get herself wet at the end she wants to stay more in the water. She brought along with her to the pool her Barbie “Ariel? and let her swim also.

She can’t stay longer under the heat of the scourging sun, summer is really on and swimming in an uncovered pool will turn her literally to a black girl. There’s a pool for babies but unfortunately Mom Liz can’t join them so she had to hang out in the big pool with Dad Nath, Dad Yam and Mom May.

Giving her a quick shower inside a cubicle with a very loud splashing of water is a big no to her, little mermaid turned to her old self again, so I have to give her a bath on the sink (duh!). It’s not that easy but anyway she enjoyed what she’s doing, grabbing everything that her hands can hold on to.

A buffet near the pool site with Andrea at first was okay; we let her stand on the table as she wanted to show off some of her old antics with our companions while we wait for the barbeques and some food but turned out to be disastrous when we started to eat. Usual scene with a toddler on a scurry to take everything from the table, from a flying glass of iced tea to wanting to feed the birds hopping on the floor.

She indulged herself to food tasting as she always wanted to take part on what the adults are into. Such a long day for everyone of us yet gratifying but on the next weekend we have to check the reception area if they found the other pair of her slippers

Andrea hates to walk in the sand, this afternoon we went to Intercon hotel it’s a little bit windy and li’l munchkin didn’t want to stay inside the playing area, she loves to stroll near the pool and to the Fish Market (part of Intercon wherein open-air parties for different companies or organizations are being held). She’s so maarte; she doesn’t want any sand in her shoes so we had to go back to the pool site.

She saw lots of birds and talked to them. Run and got tired and asked for milk.

Andrea is so happy it can be seen in her face after we finished our dinner we went straight to Jarir Bookstore; as usual she picked everything that amazes her. We started to look for a white board for her wherein she can scribble before we finally realize that almost all our walls and other surfaces are full of her graffiti.

Finally, we saw a manageable size fit for her age and then she never stopped putting in our baskets different school materials like, pens, handful of glues, and even a refill to a daily planner ( which I mistakenly paid for, I thought her Dad put it in the basket!), white board eraser (hmmm…it’s okay coz we need it), post-it note pads, and other stuffs which her Dad just ignored her and let her shop but later on told me to review what’s inside our basket.

After that we headed to books section, we let her browse and take whatever book she likes but she went to the area for novels and took one. “Charmed!? that’s what she likes. And, it’s time for mommy to interfere and decided to take this book: “The Amazing World of Living Things.?

Again she’s pulled by her senses that near the book area are dolls and Barbie’s and again we have to let her hold one Barbie and later on discreetly hide it away when we reached the cashier. She has all the Barbie’s of Fairytopia already and I don’t want her to hoard lots of dolls, books are better.

At this age, Andrea fully understands whatever mom or dad says to her. She jabbers with lots of words but still they are unrecognizable. She can say, mommy, daddy, ball, baby (as she pronounces as “be-be?) and mama. If you ask her body parts she’ll point to the area that you are asking for. You can see facial expressions, body language and hands on motion whenever she speaks. She can also identify and imitate different kind of animals like, dog, cat, bird, and horse.

She wants to brush her teeth and do the same thing to her dolls. Andrea loves playing mom to her dolls. She knows to put a diaper on them and before that she’s keen on keeping them fresh like dabbing a powder and putting cologne and cream on her dolls. And whenever she has food she feeds them and wipe their mouth. What a great momsy to her dolls!

She’s a fast runner and dances too well and she loves to sing and hum. She wants to scribble on a paper and worst on the wall, a lovely graffiti with lots of colors. Almost all of the colors of the color pencil are being used; imagine all lines in a wall with different colors. Indeed, a work of art!

She loves to be of help to mom and dad. Ask for some things and she’ll give you the exact stuff like remote control for tv or anything familiar to her.

She wanted to jump but still can’t but everyday wrestling with her dad and now with an additional lesson on how to punch. And not to mention her horse back riding lesson (dad as her horse) which daddy Nath is thankful for a massage-like game from her little munchkin. She uses now a spoon and a fork, but still messy (quite understandable with her age) and drinks water from a glass.

She is a bookworm, every time you’ll see her with a book in hands and pretend that she’s reading. (Mind you the book is no longer upside down unlike before!) She’s on her mimicking stage, whatever she sees in us she’ll definitely follow suit and loves to pretend that she know everything.

One distinct character is her growing temper especially