Andrea is so happy it can be seen in her face after we finished our dinner we went straight to Jarir Bookstore; as usual she picked everything that amazes her. We started to look for a white board for her wherein she can scribble before we finally realize that almost all our walls and other surfaces are full of her graffiti.

Finally, we saw a manageable size fit for her age and then she never stopped putting in our baskets different school materials like, pens, handful of glues, and even a refill to a daily planner ( which I mistakenly paid for, I thought her Dad put it in the basket!), white board eraser (hmmm…it’s okay coz we need it), post-it note pads, and other stuffs which her Dad just ignored her and let her shop but later on told me to review what’s inside our basket.

After that we headed to books section, we let her browse and take whatever book she likes but she went to the area for novels and took one. “Charmed!? that’s what she likes. And, it’s time for mommy to interfere and decided to take this book: “The Amazing World of Living Things.?

Again she’s pulled by her senses that near the book area are dolls and Barbie’s and again we have to let her hold one Barbie and later on discreetly hide it away when we reached the cashier. She has all the Barbie’s of Fairytopia already and I don’t want her to hoard lots of dolls, books are better.