Andrea enjoyed swimming with Dad Nath in the Intercon Hotel although at first she doesn’t want to get herself wet at the end she wants to stay more in the water. She brought along with her to the pool her Barbie “Ariel? and let her swim also.

She can’t stay longer under the heat of the scourging sun, summer is really on and swimming in an uncovered pool will turn her literally to a black girl. There’s a pool for babies but unfortunately Mom Liz can’t join them so she had to hang out in the big pool with Dad Nath, Dad Yam and Mom May.

Giving her a quick shower inside a cubicle with a very loud splashing of water is a big no to her, little mermaid turned to her old self again, so I have to give her a bath on the sink (duh!). It’s not that easy but anyway she enjoyed what she’s doing, grabbing everything that her hands can hold on to.

A buffet near the pool site with Andrea at first was okay; we let her stand on the table as she wanted to show off some of her old antics with our companions while we wait for the barbeques and some food but turned out to be disastrous when we started to eat. Usual scene with a toddler on a scurry to take everything from the table, from a flying glass of iced tea to wanting to feed the birds hopping on the floor.

She indulged herself to food tasting as she always wanted to take part on what the adults are into. Such a long day for everyone of us yet gratifying but on the next weekend we have to check the reception area if they found the other pair of her slippers