Little Munchkin had a blast of play today; she enjoyed the company of Tita Neneth’s pamangkins. They came over to the house for a visit and as usual Andrea offered them every toy in sight and as well as food, that’s how hospitable and accommodating she is at an early age. She’s in a state of “high? power, energy and happiness nothing would compare her state of bliss ness for having playmates.

Now, I’m thinking of putting her to a nursery wherein she can have all the time to socialize, interact and play with other kids. Every time she sees another kid there’s always an urge for her to approach but sadly most of the time I pity her for some cold response she received especially from other nationalities (but not all!).

At her age (to be exact, it’s her 20th months today!) she wants to be always in contact with another kid. But some of other kids are not approachable, some are wickedly nasty and for that I explain to her (hope she understands me well) that not all of the children are like her and not all the times you can’t just wave to them and they well be friendly at you too…And after Mommy’s lecture, she’ll pout her lips and smile.

Oh well, she’s really a grown up toddler…nobody can say no to that!