June 2005

Every time we pass by or we are approaching a street with fast foods like KFC, McDonalds, Hardees or Burger King, Andrea knows them and starts to point and ask for food; and don’t forget she loves to eat also in Nando’s and Applebee’s.

Her retention power is so strong that even we are just curving on a round about and KFC is hardly to be seen yet, but surely she starts to clap and point at the direction of the fast food.

How we wish that there are Jollibee and Greenwich here, surely they’ll not pass Andrea’s eyes.


Andrea can fully understand what we tell, ask or let her do but sometimes she pretends not to hear or listen to us. At an early age, I started giving lecture on how to keep her toys tidy after playing and she’s so quick that she grasp what I told her but now that she’s twenty-one months to be exact I have difficulty in giving her instructions.

She pretends not to hear me and just continue playing or watching her never-ending (played for the nth times) Barney CD. But when I tell her that we’ll go to a mall and she’ll play and have some rides there or that I’m going to give her “pohp? (as what she calls lollipop) or whatever reward she’ll earn if she’ll follow mommy, then that’s the time that she’ll move her butt.

As much as possible I don’t want to use the reward system with my little Andrea but for now that’s what motivates her.

On the lighter side, she’s a toddler with her own free will, she helps me to unload groceries from plastic bags and she enjoys putting her soiled diaper in the garbage can and helps me when I’m dusting and wiping some furniture. Things like these, you can count on her. She loves to do what the adults are doing and would exert an effort just to count herself in.

Thursday evenings start Andrea’s long weekend, went to a mall wherein she pointed on places wherein she want to have a ride, to have her dinner and of course a shop wherein she’ll buy her toy and don’t forget the mini-melts ice cream for her dessert.

Still in her 20th months but she knows what she wanted to have or what she want to do and worst on how she would want to do things. She’ll argue with her actions and vague Martian language and impose her wants on us.

On the lighter view, she’s showing her being independent from us (she’ll brush her teeth regularly and eat her meals without our help) but on the other side she defies the word “No!? Sometimes, we are on the verge of explosion on how we would tame her; as she would want to climb on top of sofas and reach for some objects above what she can reach or on how we would let her stop her annoying play of being a wrestler or a gymnast! She likes to let herself fall, dive on soft areas (sometimes use us as her diving board!) and run as fast as she can without looking which way she is heading to or if she going to bump on a wall or not.

What’s with this Barney Show? Everyday Andrea would let us play it on our big screen 54″ TV her CD on Barney “the Dinosaur? even more than five times and she would tag her Dada to come with her in the TV room to watch her recently most favorite movie. Good things is she learned some songs which she manages to say some words of it, but worst thing is even before going to bed she wants to watch her best friend Barney…

Poor Dada! he has to comply with the demands of her li’l Princess before the li’l tyrant would stage her act on faking a cry or worst an attempt to puke (that’s what she does to get on her way with us!), but for Momsy all of it have no effect not until all of it would turn to a real drama.

According to a site on toddler’s development at 20 months old …

Should be able to:
• pretend to feed a doll (she did this ages ago)
• take off own clothes with help (as she would always help Momsy to take off her clothes before having a bath)
• dump an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away (she’s a certified copy-cat and she knows where to find our garbage can in the kitchen she’s the one who drops there her soiled diaper)

Will probably be able to:
• Learn words at a rate of 10 or more a day (she has a very high retention power; I think not only 10 words in day she can learn but more than that, I should say a plethora of words!)
• walk up (but probably not down) stairs (she can and she does only that we don’t allow her to walk alone with our 15-step staircase)
• Search for hidden objects ( ask her where to find the remote control for the TVs and she would willingly give it to you, ‘coz she’s the one who hides them)

May even be able to:
• Draw straighter lines (she started drawing lines ages ago and manages to scribble some objects like heart or flower)
• Name several body parts ( oh well! She can name all of her body parts)

To top it all, she is an advance kiddo

It’s been nearly two weeks that our little tyrant is behaving little bit off her natural self. I’m not sure, if it was an offshoot of being exposed to her playmates for a couple of time in a day’s row or was it another stage of her toddler hood.

For the past two weeks she experienced lots of kids coming over to our house and they played and as usual her energy rocketed to it highest level. Her happiness was immeasurable and for that we are so happy for her also.

But on the other side, she started to misbehave in a manner higher than the past intensity. If we dine outside in some restaurants or food chains she would cry and wanted out from the high chair and would want to climb onto the table and worst she would throw food on the floor.

She would not listen to a simple “No, don’t do that!? from us. Is this a sign of being near to her terrible Two?

As I busied myself with some housework, Andrea approached me from behind gleefully, “Mee? (shortened for mommy), as she was pointing to her lips full of lipstick. She just want to show me her face, poor mommy, she’s onto giving her a lecture on “not to touch things which are not hers (again!).?

Just took pictures of her while she smiled and posed.