It’s been nearly two weeks that our little tyrant is behaving little bit off her natural self. I’m not sure, if it was an offshoot of being exposed to her playmates for a couple of time in a day’s row or was it another stage of her toddler hood.

For the past two weeks she experienced lots of kids coming over to our house and they played and as usual her energy rocketed to it highest level. Her happiness was immeasurable and for that we are so happy for her also.

But on the other side, she started to misbehave in a manner higher than the past intensity. If we dine outside in some restaurants or food chains she would cry and wanted out from the high chair and would want to climb onto the table and worst she would throw food on the floor.

She would not listen to a simple “No, don’t do that!? from us. Is this a sign of being near to her terrible Two?