According to a site on toddler’s development at 20 months old …

Should be able to:
• pretend to feed a doll (she did this ages ago)
• take off own clothes with help (as she would always help Momsy to take off her clothes before having a bath)
• dump an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away (she’s a certified copy-cat and she knows where to find our garbage can in the kitchen she’s the one who drops there her soiled diaper)

Will probably be able to:
• Learn words at a rate of 10 or more a day (she has a very high retention power; I think not only 10 words in day she can learn but more than that, I should say a plethora of words!)
• walk up (but probably not down) stairs (she can and she does only that we don’t allow her to walk alone with our 15-step staircase)
• Search for hidden objects ( ask her where to find the remote control for the TVs and she would willingly give it to you, ‘coz she’s the one who hides them)

May even be able to:
• Draw straighter lines (she started drawing lines ages ago and manages to scribble some objects like heart or flower)
• Name several body parts ( oh well! She can name all of her body parts)

To top it all, she is an advance kiddo