Thursday evenings start Andrea’s long weekend, went to a mall wherein she pointed on places wherein she want to have a ride, to have her dinner and of course a shop wherein she’ll buy her toy and don’t forget the mini-melts ice cream for her dessert.

Still in her 20th months but she knows what she wanted to have or what she want to do and worst on how she would want to do things. She’ll argue with her actions and vague Martian language and impose her wants on us.

On the lighter view, she’s showing her being independent from us (she’ll brush her teeth regularly and eat her meals without our help) but on the other side she defies the word “No!? Sometimes, we are on the verge of explosion on how we would tame her; as she would want to climb on top of sofas and reach for some objects above what she can reach or on how we would let her stop her annoying play of being a wrestler or a gymnast! She likes to let herself fall, dive on soft areas (sometimes use us as her diving board!) and run as fast as she can without looking which way she is heading to or if she going to bump on a wall or not.

What’s with this Barney Show? Everyday Andrea would let us play it on our big screen 54″ TV her CD on Barney “the Dinosaur? even more than five times and she would tag her Dada to come with her in the TV room to watch her recently most favorite movie. Good things is she learned some songs which she manages to say some words of it, but worst thing is even before going to bed she wants to watch her best friend Barney…

Poor Dada! he has to comply with the demands of her li’l Princess before the li’l tyrant would stage her act on faking a cry or worst an attempt to puke (that’s what she does to get on her way with us!), but for Momsy all of it have no effect not until all of it would turn to a real drama.