Andrea can fully understand what we tell, ask or let her do but sometimes she pretends not to hear or listen to us. At an early age, I started giving lecture on how to keep her toys tidy after playing and she’s so quick that she grasp what I told her but now that she’s twenty-one months to be exact I have difficulty in giving her instructions.

She pretends not to hear me and just continue playing or watching her never-ending (played for the nth times) Barney CD. But when I tell her that we’ll go to a mall and she’ll play and have some rides there or that I’m going to give her “pohp? (as what she calls lollipop) or whatever reward she’ll earn if she’ll follow mommy, then that’s the time that she’ll move her butt.

As much as possible I don’t want to use the reward system with my little Andrea but for now that’s what motivates her.

On the lighter side, she’s a toddler with her own free will, she helps me to unload groceries from plastic bags and she enjoys putting her soiled diaper in the garbage can and helps me when I’m dusting and wiping some furniture. Things like these, you can count on her. She loves to do what the adults are doing and would exert an effort just to count herself in.