July 2005

Talking the Toddler-ease way to Princess is only applicable whenever she is in her tantrumland.

And if she’s in her calm self you can talk to her the normal way, but if she’s having some bad day (which only occur if she lacks sleep, deprived of some chocolates and sweets—coz we don’t want her to be addicted to sweets, or if momsy or dada do not want to give in to what she wants, yes…she’s a demanding toddler!) the following course of action should take place: a.) Talk to her in short phrases b.) Talk to her in a low tone c.)Repeat what she wants to convey in that way she’s assured that you really listened and understand her d.)Use a facial expression and body language that shows that you care and respect her.

Shouting back at her would do no good and bears only more defiance in her part. She’s a tough kiddo and it will only make her tougher.


Just this morning I told Andrea that I want to change the bed covers as well as the pillow cases ( we do this every week) and as quickly as she could, she lifted all the pillows down to the mattress on the floor and took the bed cover from the bed. She’s onto her being a responsible toddler again, always helping momsy in every ways. Five stars for you li’l sweetie! A kiss and a big, big hug :)

To our little munchkins delight we gave her a shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us, upon entering the shop she nearly jump out of extreme joy for she saw her favorites (for the time being) Teletubbies (the four of them: Tinky Winky, Lala, Dipsy and Po) and Barney.

We told her that she can have only one from the The Teletubbies and she can select from Barney, BJ and Baby Bop. Without much thinking she want to hoard all of them inside the shopping cart, but again we reminded her that she can have only two (quite costly!).

After that we went inside to look for other toys and Andrea kept on pointing at Barbie dolls, taking every toy that she fancy; her happiness is immeasurable.

She ended up of having Po and Barney and wanted to go back inside the shop…till next treat from loving Daddy

A weekend of a toddler who’s nearing her terrible twos include; shopping for new clothes at Next and Mothercare shops (also for her upcoming sibling baby Sean), a meal at Nando’s, an ice cream treat from Haagen Dazs, a balloon and don’t forget her “pop!? shortened for lollipop.

And we are looking forward to Summer Wonder Festival this coming 10th of July; more fun for kids, lots of clowns and shows in malls and big discounts from shops…