Being the center or the focal point of our daily lives for 22 months, and as the new baby brother came to the scene it’s quite a new scenario to her even though we prepared her mentally and emotionally for the coming of her beloved brother.

At the onset of my conception of Sean, we kept on telling her and familiarizing that soon she would be a bigger sister (or an “ate?) and surely everything goes on her head as she ‘s a quick learner but still she can’t keep to herself the feeling of jealousy every time she sees me or her father carrying Sean.

I know this is normal but surely, we want to keep baby Sean from flying objects as the bigger sister would annoyingly hurl her toys or books towards the new born baby. As much as possible whenever Sean is sleeping peacefully or just gleefully stretching and smiling adorably in his crib, we make it a point to give our undivided attention to our loving daughter.

Most of the time (as for the moment that Sean is still very small and needs a lot of my time and attention, of course, breastfeeding is one reason), she’s with her Dad and uncle or with the nanny but I make it a point that we have also mommy and daughter time spent together.

Giving more attention and love to her is an assurance that still she’s our princess, even though she’s making moves that would really make your head spin…

Activities such as reading books with her, coloring her special notebook, scribbling, singing nursery songs and playing inside her tent house gives her relief from the special attention she wants to have always.

We love you very much our dearest ate Princess…